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TLIF2010 – Apply Fatigue Management Strategies

This Nationally Accredited online course TLIF2010 involves the skills and knowledge required to apply fatigue management strategies within the transport and logistics industry. Work is undertaken in compliance with relevant legislation, regulations, codes and guidelines. It includes identifying and acting on signs of fatigue and implementing appropriate strategies to minimise fatigue during work activities, in particular when operating equipment, trains, vehicles, load shifting equipment, marine vessels and aircraft.

  • Online Enrollment, Study the Resources, Complete Units and Pay on completion.
  • You can start and stop your course at any time. The computer will remember your progress in the course.
  • You must have a valid ID such as your drivers licence or passport to be included in your online photo when enrolling.


Once completed you will be supplied with a Statement of Attainment

The course will provide all the resources online to guide you through the legislation, compliance responsibilities and mandated rest and work periods to pass the online assessment.

How it works and to get started...

  • Click on the Start Online Now button below
  • Sign up and enroll online - all the information is supplied at each point
  • Supply ID and USI (drivers lic. or passport)
  • Resources Supplied Online
    • Fatigue Management & Legislation and Regulations
      Workplace Policies and Procedures
    • Causes of Fatigue
      Fatigue Factors and Responding to Warning Signs
      Procedures, Strategies, Lifestyles, Precautions, and Strategies
  • Answer Questions
    • Multiple Choice or True/False and or others formats
    • If answered incorrect return to review the resources and return to answer question again and again if needed.
    • If you need to leave the course and return later to finish the online course it automatically saves till you return to finish.
  • Approx. hours to complete - 1 to 3 hours dependent on existing knowledge of the industry
  • Need HELP the Trainer/assessors email address -
  • Payment of invoice via Direct Deposit (invoice) or Call for payment by Credit Card
  • Certificate (SOA) emailed out as a PDF file to pass onto employer
  • Start Now and Pay when you PASS.
  • You can do in your free time 24/7
  • Total course $90.00


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