Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I need to do to acquire a Heavy Vehicle (Truck) Licence? 

  • First of all, you need to hold your Car Licence for 1 year (starting from RED Ps) if you are applying for a Medium (MR) Truck Licence and 2 years (second year of GREEN Ps) if you are moving straight from a Car Licence to a Heavy Rigid (HR) Truck Licence. 
  • If you have held a HR Truck Licence for 12 months or more then you can either upgrade to a Heavy Combination (HC) Truck Licence or Multi Combination (MC) Truck Licence.
  • There are 2 parts to upgrading your licence from car - Heavy Vehicle Written Test and Practical Driving Test. It helps if you have already completed your written test at Queensland Transport, however this is not entirely necessary for you to start your lessons with Brisbane Truck School.

Can I do the course on an international or interstate licence?

No, to complete any vehicle testing in Queensland you are required to hold a QLD Licence. If you are coming from overseas, you will need to transfer your licence to its equivalent QLD licence before calling us. If you are coming from out of state, you will need to transfer your licence to a QLD licence, as well as bring over your driving history. When at a Transport Main Roads office, please ask for your driving history to be brought over onto your new licence.

How many lessons do I need? 

Each individual is different in how they learn and how quickly they pick new things up - the learning time can vary from person to person.

However, we generally find most people tend to take 4 hours of training (1 day course) before the driving test at Queensland Transport for the Light, Medium and Heavy Rigid synchromesh vehicles (single clutch), and 6-10 hours (8 hours on average) before the driving test at Queensland Transport for Heavy Rigid and Heavy Combo non restricted vehicles (double clutch). 

Can you book my test for me? 

Yes! We like to organise your test, so that we can ensure that the vehicle and your instructor is available to accompany you for the test. We require a $200.00 deposit to book you in.

What is a booking fee? 

  • A booking fee of $70.00 is payable when we book your practical driving test with Queensland Transport .
  • Other expenses associated with your licensing at Queensland Transport would be the Written Test Fee of $30 approx. The written test consists of 10 multiple choice questions. (prices are subject to change). 

How do I pay for my lesson? 

We accept Eftpos, Cash, and Direct Deposit. All lessons are to be paid for on the day or in advance. 

Where do I attend lessons? 

33 Canberra Street, Hemmant unless booked in at another TMR facility. Your last lesson will be near the Qld transport office just prior to your practical driving test.

For non truck courses, all training is held at 33 Canberra Street, Hemmant.

What should I bring on the day? 

It is essential that you bring your QLD Drivers licence with you to any lessons or course that you complete with Brisbane Truck School.

If you aren't completing a truck course:


  • Three Evidence of Identity (EOI) documents such as:
    • Australian Driver's Licence
    • Australian or International Passport
    • Medicare Card
    • Temporary or resident Visa Document
  • Closed footwear
  • Lunch if needed - fridge is available on-site

Preferred / if required

  • PPE
  • Previous ticket/qualification evidence if a refresher is being completed


What can BTS offer that the others can’t? 

  • BTS can offer you a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for the class of vehicle you wish to gain a licence in.
  • Fatigue management training that allows you to drive for longer duration each day.
  • Load restraint training.
  • Courses in Completing Work diaries.
  • Chain of responsibility courses.

I would like to get my truck licence to open up my job options.

I currently have a manual car licence which I've held for a long time. What is involved in acquiring my truck licence and how long does it usually take? 

Please refer to Question/Answer 1 above.

There are 2 types of HR truck licence:
HR Condition B (auto/manual – single clutch synchro gearbox) is a day course for $995 includes 4hrs training, test and booking fee. You can do this course from Zillmere, Redcliffe, Strathpine, Caboolture, Wynnum, Cleveland, Logan, Beenleigh and Helensvale. The MR works the same way for $795.

HR Non Restricted (road ranger – double clutch non synchro gearbox) usually takes 8hrs of training before doing test with Qld transport. Costs around $1450 for 8hrs training, test and booking fee and takes up to a week if you are in a hurry to get it done otherwise at your own pace (we usually do 2hr blocks of training at a time – usually looking at 4 or 5 lessons prior to doing the test). We run this course from Wynnum only. We offer a 2-3 day course. If extra lessons are required they are charged at $150/hr.

Depending on the type of work you need the licence for - you may be better to do the HR(B) first.

Unless you have a job to go to with road ranger, its better to get B condition first then 12 mths later you can go to MC unrestricted without being tested by Qld transport.

Read more on our truck licence training or please call to discuss further. 

What are the different types of gearboxes?

There are 3 different types of licences you can do, this applies to HR, HC or MC trucks only.

Condition A: Automatic gearboxes only. This is recommended for people holding an Automatic car licence.

Condition B: Syncromesh (single clutch like a manual car) and automatic gearboxes only. People holding a manual car licence will be issued a Condition B licence, even if the test is completed in an automatic vehicle.

Non Restricted: Non Syncromesh (Double clutch per gear change - Road Ranger/Crash Box). This is advised only for people who hold a manual car licence. Holding a Non Restricted licence allows you to drive any gearbox.

I need to get civil training to compliment my truck licences. Where do I go? 

We also own and operate Civil Trans Training in Brisbane offering nationally recognised training courses and tickets in:

We also provide Forklift licences, White Cards, Working at Heights and Confined Spaces, EWP Scissor & Boom training and tickets.   

For best deals on machine and civil tickets, visit our website:

Looking for more information?

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Is there funding available?

BERT Funding

If you are a member of BERT and meet the BERT Training Fund (BTF) eligibility criteria, you can apply for a training subsidy.  Please note no funds are deducted from your BERT account to cover the cost of your training.  Your BERT account is only used as a reference to determine the amount of funding we will authorise. You can apply online by visiting Submit your application and if successful, you will receive written confirmation of your grant and the amount to be funded.

Other Funding

Other funding may be available through your Job Network Provider and other employment services. Please contact your provider or relevant organisation for more information regarding funded training.

Where to stay if you are not a local:

There are many places to stay nearby if you not a local including:

Anchor Motel- (ask to apply our corporate rate discount when booking by mentioning our name)

How can I get a refund?

Our refund policy can be found at

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