Training Organisation forklift - Combo: HRB Truck Licence + Forklift Licence at Brisbane Truck School

Combo: HRB Truck Licence + Forklift Licence

Price: $1,345.00



Upgrade to HR Truck Licence (Condition B) in a day.

Drive a truck or bus (including a prime mover or a mobile crane) over 8.0 ton GVM with 3 or more axles. This licence also includes an articulated bus (a bus that can bend in the middle). It will open up your work options in the transport and construction industries. 

Licence to Operate a Forklift (TLILIC2001). This course provides the knowledge and skills required for the operation of a forklift truck in a variety of work situations.


Course duration - 2 - 3 days + assessment depending on level of experience. 



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