How to upskill and save at the same time.

Written by Michelle Lanceley


End of Financial Year is just around the corner.

It’s a good time to review your finances, claim some tax deductions and plan for the next 12 months.

If you are looking for work or already have a truck licence, the more tickets and qualifications you have the more employable you are in a range of industries from : construction, logistics, transport, mining and even small business.

And the more you train, the more you can save.

Upskill and Save

We have a number of training course & ticket combo deals that will save you time and money. 

Or you can book your truck and civil training and claim the cost of your nationally recognised courses through your employer or union .

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Upgrading your licence to a higher class

Written by Neil McLeod

If you have a Queensland provisional (Red or Green Plates) or open licence, you can learn to drive the next highest vehicle class.

First year Green plates (12 months) you can upgrade to Medium Rigid Truck (MR) and second year Green plates (24 months) you can up grade to Heavy Rigid Truck (HR)

If your provisional or open licence only authorises you to drive a class of motor vehicle fitted with an automatic transmission, you are also authorised to learn to drive or ride the same or higher class of motor vehicle fitted with a manual transmission.

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Applying for a dangerous goods driver licence

Written by Neil McLeod

Applying for a dangerous goods driver licence

You need a dangerous goods driver licence and vehicle licence when transporting dangerous goods in an individual receptacle with a capacity of more than 500kg or 500L.

To be eligible for a dangerous goods driver licence, you must:

  • be a Queensland resident
  • hold a current Queensland open driver licence (or current Queensland probationary or restricted licence where you previously have held an open driver licence)
  • have a medical certificate for motor vehicle drivers issued no later than 6 months before you apply
  • have completed an approved dangerous goods driver training course with a Registered Training Organisation, no later than 6 months before you apply
  • have an acceptable criminal history and traffic history.

Apply online for a dangerous goods driver licence

This service is available for new applications only—not renewals.

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